Cornelius Reid’s last article (2007) seen exclusively on this web site is entitled,Vocal Mechanics and the Cultivation of Listening Skills.  The main focus of this article is to understand how to listen to the singing voice and what to listen for.  It speaks to how most people today listen aesthetically and according to the current cultural trend as opposed to listening functionally and registrationally. 


Cornelius Reid’s most recently published article is entitled Voice Science: an Evaluation.  It was presented in Volume 11, 2005 of Australian Voice.  He had submitted it to The Journal of Singing, the official journal of the National Association of the Teachers of Singing  (NATS) but it was rejected.  The reason given that it was too controversial and confrontational.  In this article, Mr. Reid expresses his views on voice science, and how much of the research done is confusing and unhelpful on any practical level to the teacher of singing.  This article is available on this web site.   

Voice Science – An Evaluation


Included in the book, The Modern Singing Master, is an autobiographical article by Mr. Reid entitled, Sixty Years on the Bench.  This article is an account of his origins and his professional journey.

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