Breath Support

For whatever reason there is an unshakable belief that all will be well technically if the tonal emission is being properly supported, particularly by the work of the diaphragm.  While it is undeniable that a vocal mechanism being well used is in a state of equilibrium, and this is an ideal training objective, the fact is Barry Wyke, a British neurologist, has proven this concept  of support to be impossible for the following reason:  As reported in a lecture delivered during the Eight Symposium Care of the Professional Voice presented by The Voice Foundation (June 1979) Wyke pointed out to the voice professionals present, “In this regard, singing teachers particularly should note that the diaphragm remains relaxed throughout phonation – – and hence does not provide ‘support for the voice’, as is often said.”

Separate and apart from this disclaimer, it is further evident that acoustically, since ‘voice’ is in reality no more than the rhythmic movement of air, attempts made to regulate and overtly control moving air particles to enhance their quality is bound to fail of its purpose.